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Box Hydrant

Sell ​​Box Hydrant Surabaya

Cheap Fire Extinguisher Selling Box Hydrant Surabaya and its surroundings, is a box used to store fire extinguishers. With a hydrant box, it certainly benefits the fire fighting team to prepare fire fighting equipment and make it easier to find the location of fire fighting equipment. Besides that, by using the fire extinguisher save room hydrant box, it is more neat and beautiful.

Hydrant Boxes can be classified into two types, namely indoor and outdoor. For indoor hydrant box has several types including A1 type, type A2, and type B. Whereas for the hydrant outdoor box is better known as type C. Each type has its own use in the placement of fire extinguisher. Specifically hydrant box functions to maintain the life of fire extinguishers to last long.

Stainless steel is a material that is usually used to make a Hydrant Box. This hydrant box placement for outdoor and indoor must be considered, the indoor hydrant box besides being used as a place to put the nozzle, machino fire hose and coupling is also connected to the fire hydrant network. So that when a fire occurs the hose and nozzle can be directly drawn towards the hotspot. Outdoor Hydrant Box is placed outside the building, usually next to the hydrant pillar to put fire hose and nozzle equipment.

So if you are looking for a company that sells Surabaya Hydrant Box we sell Surabaya Hydrant Box with various types and types please choose according to your needs. For information in the form of prices, specifications, and product details Selling the Surabaya Hydrant Box please contact us for further explanation.