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 light fire extinguishers
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Sell light fire extinguishers

Specification of light fire extinguishers

sell APAR / Lightweight Fire Extinguishers in Surabaya

Sell ​​lightweight powder fire extinguishers that have passed the lab test from the Surabaya fire department.

Advantages of Using Powder Type Fire Extinguisher Tubes:

Dry chemical powder or powder is not harmful to humans. As a separator between oxygen and fire.
Not an electrical conductor. Effectively used in an open space (If the wind is not strong). Can absorb heat at once
Lack of media fire extinguishers Powder: If used in the form of dust, will interfere with breathing and vision. Once used up.
Leave powdered dirt.

Selling fire extinguisher media powder that has a 2 year expired and warranty period. To refill the fire tube itself can be done at our place or at the nearest fire refill service in Surabaya as a distributor of fire extinguisher tubes selling APAR portable powder APAR or light fire extinguishers with powder media is very suitable to be placed in a Dump Truck, Bus Car, Home , Office, Building, Warehouse, Factory, Flat, Mall, Restaurant, and other places ...

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