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Box Hydrant Indoor
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Specification of Box Hydrant Indoor

Hydrant Box Indoor

Indoor Hydrant Box serves as a place to store equipment hydrant.

Indoor Hydrant Boxes are made of iron plate material and has a thickness of 1.2 mm

Our Indoor Hydrant Box type:

   1. Indoor Hydrant Box Type A1 size 66 cm x 52 cm x 15 cm price of Rp. 650,000

   2. Indoor Hydrant Box Type A2 size 100 cm x 80 cm x 18 cm price of Rp. 950,000

Our company located in Surabaya and has been established since 2000. We are direct importers fire extinguisher / fire extinguisher vacancies of various sizes and types.

Fire Extinguisher emptiness we import directly from China with a model of seamless (without welding) in the body of the tube APAR.
We also accept orders extinguisher + media (Dry Chemical Powder, CO2, Foam, and Gas) of various sizes.

We also serve:
Extinguishers vacancies (tubes for Powder, CO2, Gas and Foam)

Sales of safety equipment (fire resistant clothing, heat-resistant clothing, safety helmets, safety gloves, safety shoes, PPE, etc.)
Hydrant equipment sales (fire hose, nozzle, spray variables, hydrant valve, hydrant pillar, coupling, rake hose, hydrant box, fire extinguisher box, etc.)

APAR with brand or without brand
Fire extinguishers / fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher cylinder refill all brands and sizes

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