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Box Hydrant Type B
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Sell Box Hydrant Type B

Specification of Box Hydrant Type B

Is one type of hydrant box that is placed in the room (indoor), commonly used in companies that have the potential of medium fires. The common color of the hydrant box type B is the same as the other type of hydrant box which is red. Red is chosen because based on psychology, red is the dominant color most visible in a state of panic though. Standard size of type B hydrant box is 1250x750x180mm. Is a box hydrant that serves to store hydrant equipment and equipped with Fire Alarm System. Cheap Fire Extinguisher selling box hydrant Surabaya and its surroundings made of Iron Plate with thickness 1.2 mm.

Our company is located in Surabaya and has been established since 2000. We sell box hydrant Surabaya and surrounding areas in the form of hydrant equipment such as: fire hose, nozzle, spray variable, hydrant valve, hydrant pillar, coupling, hose rake, box hydrant, box APAR, etc.

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