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Empty Fire Extinguisher Cylinder 1 Kg
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Sell Empty Fire Extinguisher Cylinder 1 Kg

Specification of Empty Fire Extinguisher Cylinder 1 Kg

- Net weight: 800 grams
- High tube: 31 cm
- Diameter of tube: 9 cm

Fire Extinguishers Cheap selling APAR (without fill) APAR tubes with 1 Kg capacity complete with control meter and bracket (hanger) APAR. This type of tube can be used for several types of media such as: ABC Dry Chemical Powder, Foam, and Gas.

Our company is located in Surabaya and has been established since 2000. We are direct importer of fire extinguishers / APAR blanks with various sizes and types. We sell APAR jar imported directly from China with seamless model (without welding) in the body of the tube. Cheap Fire Extinguishers also accept orders of fire-extinguishers + media (Dry Chemical Powder, CO2, Foam, and Gas) with various sizes.

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