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Hydrant Hose

Sell Hydrant Hoses

Cheap Fire Extinguisher is a company in Surabaya that provides and sells hydrant hoses or fire extinguisher hoses at cheap and competitive prices. Hydrant hose or fire hose is a hose that is used in an effort to extinguish the fire that occurred. The length of a fire hose generally reaches 30 meters.

The hydrant hose that provides cheap fire extinguishers in various types and sizes. Hydrant hoses are distinguished in 2 (two) common types, namely hydrant hose from rubber material or rubber hose and hydrant hose from canvas material. The size of the hydrant hose varies and is adjusted to the needs by taking into account the area of the protected building.

Hydrant Hose Size:
- Each hose is designed for a specific purpose
- The diameter of the fire hose refers to the dimensions of the inside of the hose
- Fire extinguisher hoses are most often cut and paired inside
   50 or 100 feet long

So if you are looking for a company that sells Hydrant Hoses, we sell various types of Hydrant Hoses, please select the Hydrant Hose according to your needs. For information on prices, specifications and product details of the Hydrant Hose that we sell, please contact us to get further explanation.