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Sell ​​Apar Tubes

Cheap Fire Extinguisher Selling APAR Tubes, is a tool in the form of a tube filled with media that can overcome and extinguish fires at the beginning of the fire. The APAR tubes that we sell are made from high-quality alloy steel. Widely applied in chemistry, metallurgy, mechanics. So it is resistant to chemicals and resistant to measurable pressure. Seamless tube is a tube made without welding. Light Fire Extinguishers (APAR) are generally tubular filled with high-pressure fire extinguishers. In terms of Occupational Health and Safety (K3), APAR is a mandatory equipment that must be completed by every company in preventing fires that can threaten the safety of workers and company assets.

Types of APAR (Light Fire Extinguishers):
- Air / Water Fire Extinguishers (APAR)
- Fire Extinguisher (APAR) Foam / Foam (AFFF)
- Fire Extinguishers (APAR) Chemical Powder / Dry Chemical Powder
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguishers (APAR)

How to use APAR (Light Fire Extinguishers):
- PULL APAR Safety Pin
- DIRECT the Nozzle or the base of the hose to the fire source (fire area)
- TAP Trigger to spray
- AYUN to all sources of fire (fire area)

So if you are looking for a company that sells our Apar Tubes Alapt Apar Extinguishers sell various types of Apar Tube Sells our products include the following: Kosongan Apar Tube capacity of 9 Kg, Kosongan Fire Tube with a capacity of 25 Kg Local, Apongan Kosongan CO2 Tube Capacity of 2 Kg, Kosongan Fire Extinguisher capacity of 25 Kg Import, Kosongan 50 Kg Capacity Fire Extinguisher, CO2 Empty Fire Extinguisher Capacity of 7 Kg, Empty Lightweight Fire Extinguisher Capacity of 1 Kg, 2 Kg Capacity Kosongan Extinguisher Tube, 3 Kg Capacity Kosongan Extinguisher Tube and many others . Please select the product we sell tube apar according to your needs, for information and reservations please contact us.